Romping, fun & storytelling

House Rules

We kindly ask you to respect the following guidelines for your visit:

  • Parents or other adult companions are exclusively responsible for supervising their playing children.
  • Children under the age of seven can only enter the SpielScheune when they are with a parent or other adult companion. 
  • Our playground hall can only be entered with socks. Shoes are only allowed in the green carpet areas. Playing barefooted is not allowed.
  • You must not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages in the Spielscheune.
  • Guests may bring their own cold food and beverages. Thermos jugs, warm food and food delivery services are not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to light candles. A strict ban applies to any open flame.
  • Please eat and drink only in areas that are labelled for food consumption (tables in areas with grey carpet or linoleum). Food and beverages may not be taken to the playground areas (red carpet).
  • Balloons are not allowed in the SpielScheune.
  • Glass dishes and bottles are not allowed in the SpielScheune.
  • You must not bring any hard or sharp objects to the SpielScheune (including knives) due to the risk of injuries. This also applies to birthday presents.
  • Please take any waste you brought with you back home for disposal.
  • Kids strollers, buggies, shopping trolleys etc. may not be brought inside the SpielScheune.
  • If you harm another person or damage property of the Spielscheune during your visit, whether by accident or intent, you will be held liable.
  • We assume no liability for your wardrobe or your objects of value.
  • Please always follow staff instructions. Visitors who fail to comply or who act against the house rules may be, in individual cases, temporarily or permanently expelled. There will be no refunds.
  • You are welcome to take videos and pictures. You must not film or photograph other people without their consent. For commercial and press purposes, management approval is required.

English version Hamburg, 16.08.2016. This version for your information. In case of doubt, the German text is valid.