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Dear tall and small guests, here is our price list. Also, you can use the form on this page for online booking.

Book your reservation in advance

If you plan to visit us with a group, please mind that there is always much going on in the SpielScheune, especially from autumn until spring. Better book your preferred date 8-12 weeks in advance.

In case it gets really crowded…

Everybody should be able to romp, play and have fun in the SpielScheune. To make this possible even when it is really packed, it may be necessary for us to temporarily close the doors to further visitors. Thank you for your understanding.

Where is our table?

Groups will find their booked tables in the play area. The other tables are for guests with no reservations.

No EC or credit cards

Kindly note that only cash payment is accepted in the SpielScheune.

Your SpielScheune team

Our prices


Free entry for:

  • Small children under 3 years in the company of a paying adult. Does apply to daycare children, KiTas etc. We may ask for a proof of age.
  • Birthday children (if you did not make a group reservation, we need an ID showing your date of birth),
  • owners of a severely handicapped pass. One adult companion of a severely hanidapped child is free. Adults with a severely handicapped pass are also free.


Individual and family tickets

  • Day ticket 1 child € 7,50 (after 5pm € 4,00 only)
  • Day ticket 1 adult € 4,00

Family tickets

  • 1 adult / 2 children € 18,00
  • 2 adults / 2 children € 21,00
  • 2 adults / 1 child € 15,00

Every additional child € 6,00

ClubCard € 25,00
Exclusively for children residing in Neu-Allermöhe. With a ClubCard one child can visit the SpielScheune up to 10 times. The card includes a photo of its owner and may NOT be used for groups. We have a special offer for large families. Order your ClubCard here.

Bonus Cards
Get your bonus card for free and have it stamped when you arrive! 10 stamps = 1 free entry.

We have bonus cards for kids and adults. Attention: Bonus cards are NOT stamped for visits with a group card, family card, club card and children under the age of 3.



Group ticket (15 children and more) € 5,00 per child


Child birthdays

Birthday parties pay the normal entry fee. The birthday child is free. Please remember to book your visit duly in advance!

New bookings for dates in May 2017 and after: You can make a table reservation for either 10:00-14:00h or 15:00-19:00h. After that, of course, you can stay and have fun until we close, but we shall ask you to kindly clear the table/s for other guests.

Until all your guests have arrived and the full amount is paid, we will ask for a driving licence, car keys or a cash deposit (the estimated entrance fee, rounded) as a deposit.

Normal program events and stories are included in the ticket price. You can book additional extras as described below.

Upon prior agreement, you can also celebrate your birthday party on a Monday afternoon (15 – 19h), when the SpielScheune is normally closed. It will cost normal entrance fees, but at least € 150,00.
After Jan. 2019: It will cost normal entrance fees, but at least € 200,00.

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  Normally, stories are not being told on Mondays, but you can book them as an extra. The same applies to our guided games. For booking a birthday party on a Monday, when the SpielScheune would otherwise be closed, a payment of  € 50,00 is required in advance.
After Jan. 2019 € 100.
It will be cleared with the rest of your costs on the day of your visit. If you cancel your visit in due time, meaning six weeks in advance, or if we find a replacement for our loss, we will return it to you.


Extra stories and guided games

€ 18,00 (after February 01. € 20,00) for groups up to 8 children, every additional child € 2,00 (in addition to the entrance fee)


Extra face painting

€ 20,00 (after February 01. € 30,00) for groups up to 8 children, every additional child € 2,00, max. 1 hour, (in addition to the entrance fee)


Extra handicrafts

€ 20,00 for groups up to 8 children, every additional child € 2,00, max. 1 hour, (in addition to the entrance fee)


Eat & drink

Click here for our menu.


Gift coupons

Of course we can hand out gift coupons for visiting the SpielScheune – just ask us at the counter!


Canoe rent

For renting a canoe you need to have an adult with you. We require a deposit or a pawn, e.g. a driving licence or car keys. Please return the canoe until 18.30 h.

Costs per hour:

  • Canoe for 3 people € 8,00 (without entry to the SpielScheune)
  • Canoe for 4 people € 10,00 (without entry to the SpielScheune)
  • With entry to the SpielScheune: The first hour costs € 1 per person in addition to the entrance fee (in sum at least as much as rental without entry). Every further hour costs € 8,00 resp. € 10,00 when begun, no matter with or without entry to the SpielScheune.

Costs per day:

    • Canoe for 3 people € 40,00 (without entry to the SpielScheune)
    • Canoe for 4 people € 50,00 (without entry to the SpielScheune)
    • With entry to the SpielScheune: € 5,00 per person in addition to the entrance fee.


Barbecue use

Only in good weather. Please bring your own coal!

  • Small barbecue use € 10,00,
  • Large barbecue use € 20,00 for 2 hours, incl. grill cleaning.


(Prices may be subject to change)


Booking and requests

We are glad to receive your request! Please fill in all blanks marked with *. We will get in touch with you shortly.

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In the case of birthday extras, please give us more details below such as: What kind of story would you like? Which game or handicraft program? At what time would you like your extra? Thank you!

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We take table reservations for either 10-14h or 15-19h. Reserved tables are located in the main play area. Please click to choose:

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