Romping, fun & storytelling

Dear tall and small guests, here is some informations about prices and booking. Also, you can use the form on this page for online booking.

Our prices:

For detailed price information please refer to our German version.


EC cards

We accept EC cards (min. EUR 10).

Please book early in advance!

Groups of 10+ guests can – and should! – make a reservation in advance. If you plan to visit us with a group, please mind that there is always much going on in the SpielScheune – especially from autumn until spring. Please note that on busy days we might be unable to let your group in if you have no reservation, and we don’t want to see tears!

Important for birthday parties and other group bookings

Normal program events and stories are included in the ticket price. You can book additional extras such as stories, handicrafts, canoe etc.

  • Birthday groups: the birthday child must be aged 3 or above. If you make a group reservation for children under 3 years, the normal entry fee for children applies for all kids, including those under 3 years. At least 5 Children are chargeable.
  • We reserve your table for your number of kids, so max. 2 tables are possible. Because we do not have much space, we cannot offer extra seats for adults.
  • Please remember: Your group should not have more adults than children, or we may refuse your booking request.
  • Until all your guests have arrived and the full amount is paid, we will ask for your keys or a cash deposit.
  • You can make a table reservation for either 10:00-14:00h or 15:00-19:00h. After that, of course, you can stay and have fun until we close, but we shall ask you to kindly clear the table/s for other guests.

Exclusive booking of a Monday

Upon prior agreement, you can also celebrate your birthday party on a Monday afternoon (15 – 19h) during school time, when the SpielScheune is normally closed.

  • It will cost normal entrance fees, but we charge a certain minimum to keep our costs covered.
  • For booking a birthday party on a Monday, when the SpielScheune would otherwise be closed, an advance payment is required.
  • Normally, stories are not being told on Mondays, but you can book them as an extra. The same applies to our guided games.

About teen guests

Our playground is suited for kids up to 12 years. Kindly understand: Teens aged 13 and above are only allowed in when they come with younger children. This is to make sure our smaller guests can play well and safely.

In case it gets really crowded…

Everybody should be able to romp, play and have fun in the SpielScheune. To make this possible even when it is really packed, it may be necessary for us to temporarily close the doors to further visitors. Thank you for your understanding.

Where is our table?

Groups will find their booked tables in the play area. The other tables are for guests with no reservations.

Eat & drink

Click here for our menu, add a fruit or veggies plate to your booking, or to order a great birthday cake (various motives)!

Gift coupons

Of course we can hand out gift coupons for visiting the SpielScheune – just ask us at the counter!

(Prices may be subject to change)

Booking and requests

For booking your birthday party or your exclusive event, please use our booking forms. These are currently only available in German – we apologize!