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Terms of Service of the SpielScheune der Geschichten

SpielScheune der Geschichten is a project of Verein für Kinder-, Jugend- und Familienförderung e.V.

  1. Always follow staff instructions. If you fail to do so, you may be banned without refund.
  2. The SpielScheune der Geschichten accepts only cash payment at the time of service delivery.
  3. Booked dates during normal opening hours must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise we may charge an expense allowance of € 25,00.
  4. An exclusive booking (on a Monday that is otherwise closed) requires an immediate advance payment of  € 50,00 to be binding. Such an exclusive reservation can be cancelled at no costs up to 6 weeks before the booked date. At a later cancellation we keep this sum as an expense allowance.
  5. Booked extra games or stories must be paid, even if you decide that you do not need the service any more. You may cancel these services up to 24 hours in advance without costs.
  6. Warm food and beverages, especially thermos jugs, may not be brought to the SpielScheune. It is not allowed to order delivery services to the SpielScheune.
  7. Food and beverages which you brought with you cannot be warmed or cooled in the SpielScheune.
  8. Candles and open flames are not allowed in the SpielScheune.
  9. The consumption of alcohol ist prohibited at the play areas and all SpielScheune premises.
  10. Socks are mandatory to enter the play areas. In particular, you are not allowed to enter the play areas and the hall of stories barefooted.
  11. For booked birthday parties we reserve the table/s under the name of the birthday child and set the table once with plastic dishes for the children.  Your table/s remain reserved for your arrival until one hour after the confirmed and booked time.
  12. After your visit, you must take all waste you brought with you back home. It may not be disposed of at SpielScheune premises. Alternatively, we offer you to buy white trash sacks for € 4,00.
  13. The SpielScheune is suitable for all children up to and including the age of 12. Children aged 7 and above may enter the SpielScheune without adult company, but need to bring a written letter of agreement signed by a parent. Such forms are available at our office or can also be downloaded from our website.
  14. Parents (or other entitled persons) who bring their children to a birthday party or come to pick them up afterwards may enter the hall without buying a ticket. However, they must register at the counter before they are allowed in.
  15. Unless other agreements were made, our terms of service apply to all services of the SpielScheune der Geschichten.
  16. If individual terms of service turn out to be legally invalid, the validity of the other terms remains unaffected.

English version Hamburg, October 10 2016. This version for your information. In case of doubt, the German text is valid.