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General Terms and Conditions of the „ SpielScheune der Geschichten”

I. Contract Conclusion

The contract is contracted between the customer and the “Verein für Kinder-, Jugend-und Familienförderung e.V.” (Registered !ssociation for children’s-, teenager’s-and family-support) as operator of the SpielScheune der Geschichten (Play Barn).
The following General Terms and Conditions apply to the entire legal relationship.

II. No Assumption of the Duty of Care

Only the rooms and facilities are available to customers and visitors. The assumption of supervision or care of children does not go hand in hand with this.
Any special services such as the provision of support or a special service require a separate written agreement. This does not apply to the supply of food or beverages, as far as this is done additionally.

III. Right to Use

The playground areas of the SpielScheune are suitable for children from 3 years and up to the age of 12 years. The marked toddler areas are suitable for children from 0 to 3 years. Children from the age of 7 years may visit the SpielScheune alone after signing a written declaration of consent by their legal guardians. Forms are available in the office of the SpielScheune or on our homepage.
Use and furnishing of the SpielScheune is at your own risk and requires special respect for other visitors.
All instructions for use and safety must be strictly followed and the instructions of the employees must be followed. Infringement entitles the SpielScheune to issue a warning or to impose a shortterm or permanent ban on entering the house.
The SpielScheune der Geschichten reserves the right to limit access to the Barn or use of the SpielScheune due to overcrowding.
Make-up of children by guests in the SpielScheune or the booking and provision of external services is prohibited in the SpielScheune.

IV. Obligation to Notify

Accidents and injuries must be reported to the employees of the SpielScheune immediately. The progress of the accident must be notified to the SpielScheune in text form within one week.
The same applies to possible damage to furnishings of the SpielScheune der Geschichten.

V. Bookings and Cancellations

Individual tables / groups of tables can be reserved during the regular opening hours of the SpielScheune. Reservations are made from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. or from 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. The booking price includes the one-time setting of the tables with colorful plastic tableware for the children. Apart from that, our price list as displayed at the entrance of the SpielScheune applies.
Booked tables or table groups will be kept free for up to 1 hour after the beginning of the reservation and will then be given to another person if necessary.
Bookings can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the reservation.
In case of not canceling the booking in time or the reservation is not noticed a cancellation fee of € 25.00 is payable if the customer does not prove a smaller loss.
Booked additional services can also be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the service. If no cancellation is made in time, the full price of the additional service is to be paid, unless the customer can prove that he has saved expenses.
Exclusive bookings of the entire SpielScheune der Geschichten on otherwise closed montages are committed only after receipt of a pre-payment at a value of 100.00 € and confirmation by the SpielScheune. Exclusive bookings can be cancelled free of charge up to 6 weeks before the scheduled date. Cancellations made less than 6 weeks before the reservation date will not be refunded. If the booking is not accepted despite no cancellation, the full booking price will be based on the number of persons registered, unless the customer can prove that expenses have been saved.

VI. Waste Disposal

Garbage as well as objects brought along are to be taken by the visitors of the SpielScheune.
For a payment of € 4.00 you can buy a white garbage bag for disposal in the SpielScheune. However, the visitor remains responsible for collecting the garbage himself and returning the bag to the employees for disposal.

VII. Pickup of Children

Delivery and pickup persons are allowed to enter the SpielScheune for 15 minutes without purchasing an entrance ticket.
If the 15 minutes are exceeded, the full entrance fee is due.
A deposit must be left at the ticket desk to secure the claims of the SpielScheune and for control purposes.

VIII. Photographs and Video Recordings

Photography and creation of video recordings for private purposes is generally permitted in the SpielScheune der Geschichten.
Other visitors, staff and other third parties may only be recorded with their consent.
Admission for commercial purposes or the press requires the written permission of the operator of the SpielScheune.

IX. Reference to the House Rules

Each use of the SpielScheune and its facilities is also subject to the house rules which are displayed in the entrance area of the SpielScheune.
In addition, the safety instructions on the particular devices and equipment must also be observed.
Disregarding these general terms and conditions, the house rules, the written safety instructions or the instructions of the employees can lead to the exclusion of possible claims in case of any damage.

X. Severability Clause

Should one of these conditions be or become ineffective, the remaining conditions remain unaffected.
As at Mai 2018 Verein für Kinder-, Jugend-und Familienförderung e.V.